It is imperative that every gun owner in New York, go out at VOTE! on November 4, 2014. If you are not regsitered to vote, you can go to this website and request voter registration form. This website contains all deadlines and information how to become a registered voter :

Please do not read or listen to polls published in newspapers or TV. These polls are there to distract and discourage voters. The facts are that there are many more gun owners in New York State, than actual voters on any given election day. Fellow gun owners, we control our own destiny every election day. Get out and vote for people who will vote to defend our Civil and Constitutional Rights as granted by the Second Amendment to the US Constitution and Article 2, Section 4 of New York State Civil Rights.

Observe the chart below. You can see that we, the gun owners can elect the Governor and Senators in this upcoming election. Do not let anyone, or the media discourage you. Get out and vote on November 4, 2014 and control your own destiny. This election could be our last chance to regain our rights.