What are we fighting for? REPEAL of the so called "S.A.F.E." Act

In mid-January of 2013, the New York State legislature stole the Civil and Constitutional Rights
of all law abiding gun owners, with passage of the so called "S.A.F.E." Act. The law was forced through Governor Cuomo's "Message of Necessity," in the middle of the night motivated by a  radical political agenda. The legislature bypassed all parliamentary procedures, and forced a vote 22 minutes after the legislation was handed to the Senate. The legislature was not even in session when the law was forced upon law abiding citizens of the state. One night 6 million gun owners went to bed, and when they woke up they faced multiple criminal charges if they do not comply with the many intrusive and overreaching provisions of the law. The law will affect every single gun owner in the state, with provisions that steal the rights from every type of gun owner in the state. Whether you are a hunter, pistol shooter, trap and skeet shooter, tactical shooter, casual plinker, collector or own a gun only for self-defense...YOU are affected by this law! To read the NY State Police Field Guide of the so-called "S.A.F.E." Act, click here to view Safe Act Field Guide 

S.C.O.P.E.-P.A.C.'s Mission is to replace the politicians in Albany that voted for this hideous, intrusive law with politicians who will vote to REPEAL this so-called "S.A.F.E." Act and support our rights going forward!

​Surely, you will agree that supporting the P.A.C. is worthwhile based on this Mission statement alone! Help us accomplish our goal. Our Second Amendment Rights are at stake here!